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Hi, I'm Jaimee!
I'm a versatile freelance writer turned romance author.
I am currently partnered with brands such as
Sofia Gray, Audiodesires, and Lustery.
I strive to bring candor, humor, and honesty
to every project that I am a part of.

If you're interested in working together, send me an email by clicking the button below!

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- Sex & Psychology Writer, Social Media Manager & Erotica Author -

Hello, everyone! 

I'm Jaimee, a freelance writer & author.

I have an educational background in Mental Health and Addictions, and enjoy writing about psychology, sex, and sexual wellness.
I've worked for several years as a freelancer (both copywriting and creative writing). Some of my past clients include large media outlets such as Big Think as well as start-ups and newcomers in the sexual wellness industry. You can find my writing experience as well as links to my most popular work below!


I have a passion for sex-positive, thought-provoking content creation and I try to bring my unique style of honesty and humor to every project I am a part of. 

My debut erotica collection
is now available on Amazon!


Sofia Gray is the world's largest used panties marketplace with an attached blog that is dedicated to smashing stereotypes and taboos of sex and kink.


As one of the lead writers on Sofia Gray, I'm dedicated to helping readers discover and celebrate their best sexual self, whatever that looks like for them.


Great news!
I have been featured on the Sofia Gray Show podcast to talk about the sexiest accents heard 'round the world. Click here to listen

Lustery is the home of real-life partners, filming their sex lives, behind closed doors. A community of people who enjoy watching real intimacy and emotion in porn. 

As a writer for the Lustery POV blog, I tackle sex-positive, kink-positive, and honest conversations like how to engage in safe sex practices, how to talk to your partner about your desires, and more! 

Audiodesires is an erotic audio platform dedicated to helping women and couples explore their sexuality through immersive erotic audio stories.


As the social media gal for Audiodesires, I manage various social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) to promote sexual wellness and sensual self-care for women.

As an audio producer for the platform, I arrange top-notch voice actors to help bring our sexy, intimate stories to life.

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“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” 

Sylvia Plath


Here you will find articles, publications, and collaborations that I believe showcase my skills as a writer.
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Jaimee Bell - Freelance Writer 

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