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Beducated: Courses to Level Up Your Love Life

Sex education is a touchy subject for people in the sexual wellness space. For many of us, the lack of sex education we got as young people is the reason why we're here now, on our digital soap-boxes, tweeting anatomy and wellness facts to the universe.

Sex education in my high school was "here's how you get pregnant - don't do that" - and that was it. When speaking to my friends about this, I realized I wasn't alone. There is shockingly little sex education in our school systems...which is why platforms like Beducated exist.

Beducated is a platform that allows you to level up your love life by accessing online courses from the world’s top experts.

From BDSM to polyamory, self-confidence to the world of swinging...there are so many courses to choose from.

Beducated approached me recently to help spread the word about their platform. This is a brand collaboration between myself and Beducated, but all opinions are my own. They asked me to complete a few courses related to my niche and interests and provide honest reviews on them - so here we go!

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Dominance & Submission Course

My rating of this course: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Understand what dominance and submission are

  • Learn the basics of domination and submission

  • Find out about how to approach the D/s dynamic and prepare with your partner for your first time

  • Explore specific ideas D/s can be used for play in the bedroom

“It should be fun, your partner wants that for you.”

This course is really great for people who are new to BDSM. If you and your lover are interested in starting up a D/s dynamic but have no idea where to start...start here!

From negotiating roles to aftercare once a scene has been completed, this course takes you step by step through what a play session with your partner could (and should) look like.

What I loved about this course was the specific emphasis on the deeper levels of dominance and submission, with mentions of domspace, subspace, and intentional aftercare practices.

One thing I feel could have been improved here is that there were some typos here and there, and some things I would have worded slightly differently, especially for a crowd that's new to kink. But otherwise, I loved it!

Sexual Confidence Course

My rating of this course: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Ways to build confidence

  • Address shame around body image and performance

  • Practices to improve sexual confidence and fall in love with ourselves

  • How shame impacts our self-esteem and the power of unlearning it

  • Sexual confidence and everyday confidence are similar

This was a course taught by sex expert Luna Matatas and I absolutely adored every minute of it. It's a primarily video-based course that I believe was actually an online workshop at some point, as Luna does seem to address people who were taking the course when it was filmed.

Luna's ways of explaining where sexual shame and the lack of sexual confidence many of us experience come from and how to combat it are just absolutely groundbreaking.

When talking on porn and sexual shame, Luna explains: "Porn is a performance, and we are not performers. We are real people."

As someone who was once avidly against porn for this reason (and now works in ethical audio porn as a producer), I have a really unique relationship with porn. Porn isn't the enemy...the way we've been conditioned to view porn is harmful to us. As Luna says - we don't treat porn as performance art anymore - we compare ourselves to these impossible standards and then feel devastated when we can't live up to the edited hype.

What I loved most about Luna's sexual self confidence course was the way she spoke, how she addressed extremely common (and yet really delicate) subjects, and the feeling I got once I completed the course.

This course will definitely help jump-start your way to healing from some pretty damaging misconceptions and even some past pain you've experienced that have damaged your sexual ego.

"Sexual confidence is about a feeling. It’s about being able to unapologetically take up space as a sexual being."

Don't forget: click here to get 65% off a subscription to Beducated, which will unlock ALL COURSES from kink to relationships, dating and more!

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Ryline De
Ryline De
Jan 16, 2023

Great post, thank you for the information. I'm in search of a great resource that I hope will be that I can use to properly research areas of interest. But also, if allowed there, I'd like to find a place where I can provide quality content and raw education/knowledge material from my own vast knowledge.

I am rebranding one of my businesses and i'm just about to launch the website to the public after changing everything around this week. There are just a few things I am desperately seeking knowledge on, if possible, before the launch.

If I decide on this website, not somewhere else. I will use your code so you get compensation for it as my wa…

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