Breakfast // Erotica

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

I drizzle butter into the pan and hum along to the music beating through my headphones. I let myself glide around the room, swaying my hips and dancing along to the music as I get out the ingredients for his favorite breakfast.

Waking up to the smell of bacon will surely earn me some goodie-points for date night tonight.

I’m mid-dance-move when I feel his body heat behind me. I turn towards him, planning to ask what he’s doing awake so early when I come face to face with his wet, naked body. I didn't even hear the shower running.

Water drips down his chest and leads me to the sight of his rock-hard cock.

He slides my headphones off, and without unlocking his gaze from mine, kneels to the ground to slide my panties down. He plants a kiss along my thigh.

Coming back up to greet me with a kiss, he pulls my t-shirt over my head, throwing it aside. His fingertips graze my inner thigh and wander to my stomach, settling on my breasts. He gives them a firm squeeze as he lowers his face close to mine.

Our lips barely touch as he teases me with the idea of a kiss.

I can feel myself reaching towards his cock, longing for it to be inside me when he takes my hands in his. He leads me to the table, grabs my thighs, and helps me slide on top. My bare pussy rests against the table as I lean forward, kissing his chest. Suddenly, cool metal handcuffs grip my wrist.

He pushes me down onto the table and places the other cuff around the leg of the table. I feel them tighten and lock into place. He gives me a mischievous grin.

My nipples are perked and hard, my arms tense with anticipation. I pull at my restraints, letting out a little giggle. The cool surface coats my body in goosebumps. My back arches with longing as he takes in the sight of my naked body on display for him.

I pull at my restraint, letting out a soft, desperate moan.

Excitement pounds through my chest as he trails his tongue along my inner thighs towards my dripping wet pussy. He greets my clit with an experienced tongue, and I feel my legs tremble with desire.

Breakfast is served.

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