Daddy's Turn // Erotica

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

She kisses her husband goodbye, telling him she hopes he has a good day at work. When the door shuts, she feels a surge of excitement burst through her. Not yet. Be patient, baby girl.

The car engine turns over and within a few more seconds, his taillights are shining through the window. The need surges through her and she lets out a squeal. Not yet. Be patient, baby girl.

She turns on her heel, wandering excitedly to the bedroom. She slips out of her torn-up t-shirt and slides her black lace stockings on, feeling her smooth, soft skin under her fingertips. Her attire tonight will be a striped black bra and matching thong - just as Daddy instructed. She catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror in the hallway and does a playful twirl. Any minute. Be patient, baby girl.

Sliding into bed, she waits. She was told not to touch, but the thought of being Daddy’s little fucktoy is too much. Her fingers wander into her panties and settle on her clit. She hears the back door unlock, but doesn’t stop. She knows she will be punished for starting early...but that’s the fun part.

A chill creeps through her as she hears Daddy coming down the hallway. A bratty little smile paints her face and she continues playing, rubbing a finger in tight little circles on her clit and moaning for good measure.

She bites her lip as Daddy enters the room, coming upon the scene He’d strictly forbidden.

“My little whore…” The words leave Him in a malicious, violent tone and she knows what she is in for.

“Yes, Daddy?”

The false innocence in her voice isn't fooling either of them.

“You filthy whore, breaking my rules. You know what happens when you break Daddy's rules, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy...”

She kneels on the bed, bracing herself. Within an instant, the sting of his slap across her face has made her heart race. She licks her lips, begging for more without saying the words. She likes it when Daddy is rough. Daddy does things no one else will do. Daddy fucks her like the whore she is. The way she deserves.

His hands grip her throat and force her onto her feet, only to shove her to the ground in front of Him. On her knees for Daddy. It’s where she belongs. His cock is forced into her mouth, but she likes it. Her makeup runs, but she likes it. She gags, and chokes, and drool runs off her chin. She likes that, too.

Daddy uses his little fucktoy, while his fucktoy’s husband is at work. It’s delicious. He fucks her face, and her pussy, and her ass, filling each hole with his cum. And she thanks him for it. Over and over, she begs to be used. Over and over, he fucks his bratty little whore. Because regardless of whose ring is on her finger, she’s Daddy’s girl.

Every night, when those taillights shine through the window, it’s Daddy’s turn.

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