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Booty Vibes & Good Times: Desire Petite Sensations Plug

In a hurry? Here's the gist:

  • I spent 2 weeks testing this toy courtesy of Betty's Toy Box.

  • It was one of my first experiences using a silicone butt plug.

  • What I loved most: it stayed in and felt really good while it was vibrating.

  • What I didn't like: syncing the remote while the toy is inserted can be difficult.

  • Do you want to test this toy? Click the button below to get it with a discount!

The Look

When you first look at it, this butt plug looks a bit daunting. The tip is a little pointier than some of the others I have. However, other than that, it looks beautiful! I absolutely adore the color, the curves, and the way you can position it upright while you're getting the lube ready.

The Feel

This toy felt absolutely incredible! The spiral grooves on the toy add a little texture even before the toy has been switched on. Since this was my first time using a vibrating anal toy, I had no idea what to expect - but vibrating plugs are definitely a new favorite of mine! I am also a new fan of silicone plugs. Although I do love the cold feel of steel and how simple those are to move around with, there are lots of benefits to using silicone plugs, too!

Testing It Out

I used this toy 6 times within two weeks and will continue to use it pretty frequently. I have quite a few plugs (current count is at 5, including this one) and this is definitely one of my new favorites.

The first time I tried this toy, the tip was a bit daunting for me and getting it in was a little difficult. I used Wicked Sensual Lube (which will be reviewed later!) and it was also my first time using that type of lube - so this was a lot of firsts all around. Once it was in, I noticed that it was pretty comfortable to walk around in, which is a huge plus for me. I like to use my plugs over an extended period of time and while doing daily tasks like working at my desk or doing the dishes, so this was important to me.

The vibrations were surprising in all the best ways.

I had no idea what to expect and the first time I switched the toy on, my booty vibrated and giggles filled my empty living room. Switching up the vibration patterns, I noticed that the pulsing vibration setting actually felt similar to a gentle thrusting motion, which was really fun to experience by myself.

It's not silent, but it's quiet enough for some discrete fun.

Other tests included seeing how loud the plug was in front of other people, and surprisingly, someone sitting across from me couldn't hear it - but someone sitting right next to me could. It's not super silent but there are some fun uses for it while still being discrete.

I had some sync troubles (that are likely down to user error).

Aside from the tip being a little daunting for a silicone newbie, the remote sync was difficult to manage when the plug was already inserted. Definitely make sure you sync the remote to the plug before you put the plug in - and you'll be good to go!

Final Thoughts

If you like anal play and have never tried a vibrating one, you definitely should. It's a really simple and fun way to level up your anal play game without going to a bigger size plug if you don't feel you're ready for that yet. It's a lot of fun to use with a partner, in the backyard while sunbathing or in the house while doing dishes.


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