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Finally, Thigh High Stockings That Stay Up!

Let's talk about thigh-highs and stockings. They can absolutely make or break a sexy outfit. Sliding stockings up your legs is like a kind of armour for many women - it emboldens their confidence, their sexuality, their prowess.

I'm not sure if it's a curvy girl thing or if everyone struggles with this, but I can never find thigh high stockings that stay up. No matter how much the brand boasts about them being able to stay up, they just don't. They fold, they slide down, they slip. Not these, though.


Kix'ies' thigh high stockings are the first ones I have ever worn that have stayed on longer than 10 minutes during what I will explain as "athletic intimate experiences."


Photoshoots, sex, date nights out when you want to dress to kill - Kix'ies thigh high stockings have you covered.


Not only do they stay up, but they are comfortable AF!


With so many different options, you won't have much trouble picking which style you want to showcase!


User error. Be careful with stockings, people. I'm sad to report that the second time I put these on, I was in a bit of a rush and ended up tearing them a bit while I slid them on. I don't believe this is a fault of the brand, at all - it was 100% my error. Stockings, particularly nylon ones, are notoriously thin and will absolutely rip if you're not gentle in putting them on.

Want to grab a pair? Click here for a discount!

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