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I Tried One of Those Oral S*x Simulators...

In a hurry? Here's the gist:

  • I spent 3 weeks testing this toy courtesy of Betty's Toy Box.

  • If you like (or need) clit stimulation, this toy is for you! It's amazing.

  • What I loved most: how fast this thing gets me where I need to go!

  • What I didn't like: the button to control isn't always easy to access while in use.

  • Do you want to test this or other toys? Click the button below to get it with a discount!

First Impressions

I'd heard a lot about oral sex simulator toys. Mostly, that they feel nothing like oral sex, actually. While it's hard to replicate the exact pleasure cunnilingus provides, I had to give this a try! Could this toy truly make it feel like a lover's tongue was exploring my body?

Upon opening the box, I was greeted with a sleek toy that looks really cute and compact. Turning on the toy, I flipped through the settings and was surprised to see just how fast and furious the tongue-like bud on the inside of this toy went. I was desperate to give it a go!

Testing It Out

The first time I used this toy, I came (like a fountain) in under 60 seconds. It was actually probably more like 36 seconds. To say it took me by surprise is an understatement.

The lowest setting of this toy, once in the right spot, is enough to build you up pretty quickly. The second setting of the toy is a bit faster and more intense until finally, the third power setting is a full-blast pleasure pointer that can be focused on one of the most sensitive parts of a woman's body.

It was incredible. And fun.

The toy is waterproof which means it's easy for the shower, and it's compact enough to be to discreet if you wanted to travel with it.

One of the important things to note that I didn't really like about this toy is that the "power" button - which also functions as the switch to flip settings - is located in an area that can become a bit inaccessible if you're using the toy. This means when you change the settings you may have to temporarily stop the pleasure you're building up, which can sometimes kill your momentum to climax.

Final Thoughts...

This thing is really cool. It's compact and discreet, powerful and not too loud. While I may not be totally sold on it's ability to provide pleasure exactly the way a lover's tongue might, I do think it's a great toy. Definitely one of my favorite clitoral-stimulation-only toys.

Do you want this toy? Get a discount on it or any other toy at Betty's Toy Box! Use promo code JAIMEE at checkout.

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