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Updated: Jun 11, 2021

James Tiller is a character in my upcoming novel series HOUSE OF HEARTS (which is available for preorder NOW). He's a hard-working furniture craftsman by day, a laid-back bartender by night. He works with his hands, and despite his occasional rant about bad drivers, he's always able to maintain a level head. His full schedule doesn't leave much time to be social - so the idea of meeting someone special anytime soon seemed unlikely.

A chance encounter introduces James to Maggie, and the feelings he experiences with her bring out a whole new side of him. James is the kind of man Maggie never knew she needed. He's the kind of man who always does what he can to help whoever needs it. He's polite, friendly, charming, and quiet. He becomes the kind of Dominant that submissives everywhere want and need - a strong, caring, firm (and yet romantic) voice of compassion and love. He has a clever, witty sense of humor and an addictive, intoxicating voice.

Despite how he eventually takes to his new role, Dominance is entirely new to James...but when he meets Maggie, things flow naturally. Their connection seems refined...as if it's been hand-crafted. Their pieces just...fit.

Through several James POV chapters in this series, you get to see him explore and discover parts of himself as a Dominant and as a man that he's never known before. You get to see his aspirations turn to realities through his relationship with Maggie - and he soon finds a whole new direction in life thanks to the intimate bond they share.

Are you interested in this book? Do you want to get to know these characters a little more?


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