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Jewel Air Pulse: A Diamond for Your Pleasure

A TLDR for those who want to know if the toy is worthwhile:

The verdict: It's maybe not the best for your first clitoral sucction toy, but it can be a really fun addition to your collection if you already have one.

  • I spent 6 weeks testing this toy courtesy of Betty's Toy Box.

  • This toy is an air-pulse clitoral stimulation toy and whew! - it does a great job.

  • What I loved most: how strong the suction is!

  • What I didn't like: it's a bit oddly shaped even for a clitoral toy - some others are a bit easier to use.

First Impressions: 6/10

I have to be honest, my first impression of this toy when I saw it online was: "what the hell is that thing?"

I really wanted to try it - but honestly did not have high hopes.

My first impression when it arrived was: "oh...okay - maybe there's something here."

Taking this little diamond shaped hot pink toy out of the box and letting it fall into my hand, my curiosity rose even more. What on earth was this going to feel like? Would I be able to comfortably hold it in my hand while I use it?

Testing It Out: 9/10

I'm telling you - as soon as this thing touched my clit, I knew I'd misjudged it. While it may be oddly shaped and hot pink - this thing is kind of awesome.

The lowest setting is pretty powerful, and once you're up to the higher settings, direct clit contact for any number of sections could get you mostly where you need to go. I like to think of this toy as the "thing that gets me there when I'm running late."

Final Thoughts: 8/10

Would I recommend this toy to everyone: perhaps not. I think there are other toys out there that are more easily used by yourself and with partners that could accomplish the same thing. However, do I think it's a cute toy that would make a funny (and useful) gift for someone or the perfect find for someone looking to try new clitoral toys: yes.

All in all, I'm happy to have it in my repitoire of clitoral happiness tools. 8/10, will absolutely use again - probably the next time I need to cum as soon as possible.

Do you want to test this toy out or purchase a new one for your collection? Visit BETTYSTOYBOX.COM & use promo code JAIMEE to get a discount!


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