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Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Maggie Atwood is a character I created for my upcoming novel series HOUSE OF HEARTS (which is available for PREORDER now). Is she me? In many ways, she is. Maggie is this weird mix of who I am, who I was, who I could have been, and who I aspire to be. Named after the famous Canadian poet, Maggie is a writer, like myself. She's fierce and independent and strong...and yes, sexually submissive.

There are many themes in this series, one of which is healing from past hurt with the help of a healthy D/s (Dominant/submissive) relationship. This hits home for me, as someone who has experienced sexual assault from a former partner and someone who knows far too many women who have experienced something similar.

The incredible support I have found in the BDSM community has allowed me to grow past my sexual insecurities and trauma to emerge as a proud, independent submissive woman - and I explore a lot of that through Maggie. She's got my ridiculously cheesy sense of humor, the wild-crazy hair you all love, and a willingness to explore all the intricate emotions one can experience in the world of sexual submissiveness.

Book one (of two) focuses on Maggie's journey, beginning at her new apartment in London. She's just moved from a small town to escape her abusive ex-boyfriend, and her life is in shambles. You slowly begin to realize that she is running, not so much out of fear, but out of a desperate need to move past her assault and not let it define her. Of course, that doesn't prove to be easy, especially when reminders of her past show up out of nowhere.

Maggie is fierce, independent, and loyal. Her submission is beautiful and intense and vulnerable. She's needy, and emotional, and just trying to figure it all out.

Maggie desires that deep, intimate vulnerability with someone she can trust...but how can she even begin to experience that kind of trust after being hurt so deeply in the past?

Are you interested in my upcoming book? Want to get to know these characters a little more?

James (coming soon...)

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