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This was written to appear as an Audiodesires Original episode.

If you'd like to hear the audio version of this steamy story, click here.

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Disclaimer: this story contains consensual degradation, impact play, and the exchange of bodily fluids between a couple within a BDSM play session. Please indulge at your own discretion.


I can feel your eyes on me as you sit in the chair across from me. I’m on my knees in front of you, wearing the red collar you picked out for me. I’m wearing the black lace lingerie you love so much, and my eyes are lowered.

“Good girl. You’re so obedient. Are you going to be a good little slut for me tonight?”

“Yes, Sir. I am.”

Every time you use that word, the one we agreed you would call me...I lose my breath a little.

We have been dating for nearly two years, and about a year ago, we visited a play party together. That night changed me. I realized something about myself I’d never known: I’m submissive. And I like to be degraded.

I was completely enamored with the idea, and when I brought it up to you on the way home from the party, your eyes lit up. You said you’d been feeling the same thing about yourself: you never realized how much you enjoyed taking on the Dominant persona in the bedroom.

Damn, that party was incredible.

There is something really exhilarating about open-concept group sex...everyone just mingling together, letting their most natural instincts take over...the sounds of sex filling the room as you lose all inhibitions...

That night we fucked on the sofa in front of was so hot to feel their eyes on was the first time you ever called me a slut, and since then, that’s been a pet name you have for me. And I love it. I know many may consider it an insult...but with’s a term of endearment.

“Whose slut are you? Who do you belong to?”

“You. I belong to you, Sir.”

You stand and move towards me. You circle me once, and my eyes remain firmly on the ground in front of me.

“You do belong to me. I own you, slut.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Your hands trail across my face and down to my collar, where you hook the clip for the leash into it and give it a hard pull. Despite the force of your pull, I remain in my rightful kneeling position.

“Good girl. You know better than to move without permission.”

You’ve trained me well, I know the rules, and I know what the reward is for following them. Pure submission. A total disconnect from the responsibilities of life.

“Look at me.”

My eyes find yours and I let a brief smile crease my lips. Fuck, I love you so much. You look so hot in your black dress shirt, with my collar dangling in your hands. Your face remains rigid. You’re You’re completely enveloped in character.

My Dom. My owner.

You undo your belt and slowly slide it out of your pants. You pull it taught in your hands and my stomach flips.

“Bend over.”

I instinctively place my hands on the ground in front of me, pushing my ass up in the air.

“Does my girl want to be reminded who is in charge?”

“...yes, Sir.”

You spank me, and my breath catches in my throat.

“More, Sir. Come on…”

You spank me again, a little harder this time. I glance up at you and catch your eye. As much as I love when you dominate me, it wouldn’t be fun without a little push-back.

“You call that a spanking?”

Immediately, my eyes dart back to the ground, but not before I catch a mischievous smirk on your face.

“Oh? You naughty little slut. I thought you were going to be a good girl…”

Before I can respond, your belt slaps across my ass again, really hard. I gasp, and you spank me again, your belt whipping against my skin. I feel my flesh burn with the sting of it...

“Oh my god…”

“Now, what were you saying?”

“Nothing, Sir. I promise I’ll be good.”

“Good. You be nice and I’ll do that thing you like.”

“Yes, please Sir, I’ll be good...I want to feel it.”

You once told me that being naughty and challenging you wasn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t mean I’m a bad submissive - it’s natural sometimes to rebel a little. And it makes for really fun power plays, which I know you love.

“I think you’re going to need something special tonight. You want to be deep enough in your little fucktoy the place where you wouldn’t dare speak to me that way…don’t you, baby?”

“Yes, Sir. I want that. Make me yours, please, please…”

You circle me again, dropping your belt on the bed. You slowly undo the buttons on your pants. I remember my place and stay still, watching as your hard cock springs out of your boxers.

You kick your clothes to the side, and slowly start to strip off your dress shirt. You’re undoing the buttons so’s tortuous. I watch your hands undo them one by one and all I can think about is having them around my neck.

I lean forward and my tongue slides along your shaft for a brief moment before you push me back into my kneeling position. You pull on the leash connected to my collar and I feel it tighten around my throat. It’s not too tight, but the restriction of it feels so good.

“Hey! No touching. Not until I say.”

“Yes, Sir, sorry Sir, I just love your cock so much I wanted –”

“What...what did you want?”

“I want your cock in my mouth. Please?”

You distance yourself from me, sitting on the edge of the bed. The leash connects us, and you stare into my eyes. I want so badly to crawl over to you, but I know I can’t move yet.

“Please, Sir, I’ll do it just how you like, I promise. Please.”

“Tell me, slut - what are you?”

“A toy, Sir.”

“Then come here. Let me use my toy, then.”

As soon as you tell me I can move, I scramble towards you on my hands and knees, immediately taking your cock into my mouth. I slide my tongue up and down your thick, hard shaft, locking eyes with you. I spit onto your cock and watch my saliva roll down to the base of it.

You pet my hair a few times as I suck on your cock. I take you all the way into my mouth and then slide you all the way back out. Your grip on my hair tightens and you start to thrust into my mouth. Your cock pushes against the back of my throat...

You slide out and thrust back in again, making me gag even more.

“Like that, right? Just a mouth for me to use…”

I feel the relaxation settling over me as I open my mouth wide, letting you control our speed.

You pull out of my mouth and I stick out my tongue…

“You are nothing but a pathetic cock hungry slut. Do you hear me? You’re a dirty slut whose only purpose right now is to be a set of holes for me to fuck. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Sir. Yes.”

Your cock drives into my mouth faster and my hands grip your thighs. You suddenly stop, pulling yourself out of me. My tongue hangs open and my hands reach for your cock but you hold them tightly in yours.

“Look at me.”

I look up at you, my eyes are heavy and my heart is happy.

“Open your mouth.”

My mouth falls open. I know what you’re about to do. Fuck, I want it. You dangle a line of spit directly above me, and I open my mouth wide.

“Please, spit in my mouth, please. Own me like that, I’m yours...”

You spit directly into my mouth.

“Fuck, just like that...I like that.”

I can literally feel myself sinking deeper into submission. I’d never let anyone else do this. Only you. It’s only for us. It makes me feel so connected to you when I can submit like this.

“Good girl. I know you like that. Come on, get on the bed.”

You tug on my leash, and I follow you mindlessly onto the bed.


I offer you my hands and stare at you as you secure wrist restraints to each of my wrists, and then attach those restraints to the ones attached to our headboard. I’m spread on the bed with my hands tied above me.

You glide your hands across my chest, cupping each of my breasts and planting a gentle bite on each nipple.

“These gorgeous tits…”

You work your way down my stomach, offering a gentle squeeze. I’ve never felt so comfortable being this exposed, especially with my stomach. I’ve always been insecure about it...but you...make me feel beautiful. Everywhere.

“Your sexy stomach...”

You glide your hands down my thighs and grip them hard.

“Your thick thighs...”

Your hands move down towards my feet, and you plant a kiss on top of each one.

“Your cute feet...”

Your hands work their way back up my body and I’m covered in goosebumps by the time you reach my cheek. You caress my face and I lean into your touch...

“That sweet smile...your beautiful eyes, your nose, your lips, your ears, your hair. It’s all mine, isn’t it baby?”

“Yes, Sir. Yours. All.”

You climb on top of me, kissing down my neck, my chest, my stomach. Your lips trail down towards my pussy. You slide two fingers deep inside me as your tongue laps at my clit.

“Does that feel good?”

“Yes, Sir. More?”

You fuck me harder with your fingers and suck my clit into your mouth. I tug on my restraints, wishing I could reach you but happy to be pinned in place. You finger me harder and harder, feeding off my moans...

“Baby, rough, please rough, be rough with me.”

“You want it rough now? You want to be treated like a dirty fucking slut?”

“Yes, Sir!”

Within an instant, your cock replaces your fingers, and the pleasure surges through me...

Oh my god, you feel so good...your cock thrusts in and out of me as your hands grip my hair and pull.

You pull my hair back so hard I’m forced to look up at you. You bite down on my neck, hard.

“Yes, like that...fuck...slap me. Fucking slap me, please…”

I’m begging for it rougher and rougher and you already know my limits, you know we can push this further. You slap my tits hard and the sting of it collides with the pleasure I feel from your cock thrusting in and out of me.

“More, I can take it.”

You slap my tits again, and the pain feels so fucking good…

“You like being a little pain slut for me, don’t you?”

“Yes, it feels so good.”

Your hands grip lightly around my neck - not hard, just enough to catch my attention...

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Sir! Sorry, Sir...fuck…it feels so good, Sir. Please...more…”

Your cock slams into me over and over again.

“Keep your hands there, please…I want to cum like this...please…”

Your hand stays around my neck and you kiss me as you thrust into me harder and faster.

I pull at my restraints and draw you closer to me with my legs around your waist. I want you as deep inside me as you can be, fuck...this feels so good!

“Can I cum, Sir, please? Please, baby, I need it…”

“Only when I say. Cum when I tell you, okay?”

“Yes Sir...fuck…”

It’s so hard to contain it, but it feels so fucking good when you tell me to cum...I need that release. You thrust into me hard and deep and fast, and your hands are both around my neck now. I let myself go limp and it feels so good to be used by you like this.


“Fuck, yes...fuck...I need to cum.”


“Oh my god, Sir, please!”

“Cum for me, cum for me right now. Drench this bed like the dirty fucking slut you are...”

I feel my cum gush out of me and onto the bed below. I know how you like it when I soak the bed.

“Cum for me, cum for me baby please, cum inside me. Please?”

I feel your cum deep inside me and there’s nothing else that exists. I feel the sting of pain on my tits from your hand across them. I feel the restraints pressing against the flesh on my wrist. And I feel your body on top of mine...everything else is gone.

It feels so good. So calm and peaceful. It feels safe to be owned by you. I try to regain my senses as you unbuckle my wrist restraints and cover me with a blanket.

I curl into you and feel your strong arms around me. You pull me in close and plant a kiss in my hair.

“You’re such a good Dom, baby. That was so...amazing.”

“You did so, so well. I am so proud of you, sweetheart. Just rest now, I’m right here.”

I feel like I’m floating on a cloud as some of your cum drips out of me onto the bed...

“Do you want your collar off, or not yet?”

“Not yet, just a little longer?”

“Of course, baby. We can stay here, like this, as long as we want. I’ve got you.”

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