Slutty Christmas // Erotica

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Our presents are wrapped under the tree with care

And I’m laid out on the sofa, almost bare

You walk through the door and are surprised to see

Nearly-naked, horny, messy-haired me

Your bag hits the floor as you stop and stare

I’m wearing nothing but stockings, and they’re your favourite pair

You close the distance between us in the blink of an eye

Your lips meet mine and I let out a sigh

I melt into you and your hands travel down

You rub me and tease me and order me to the ground

On my knees for you, I start playing with your cock

In and out of my mouth, as you grip my messy locks

You thrust in and out of me, moaning my name

And I take every last fucking drop,

you know I love this game

Moaning and groaning as I slide down your length

Your hands gripping me firmly, with all of your strength

I’ll bite your neck, your lips, and your chest

In every position - this, that, and the rest

You’ll take me from behind while pulling my hair

Bent over the couch or straddling you on a chair

Sideways, frontways, backwards and more

I’m Sir’s little Slut for him to adore

Once we’re both panting and covered in cum

I’ll lay my head on your chest, your heart beating like a drum

While I’m wild and hazy and happy as can be

I’m yours and you’re mine - it’s all we can see

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