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The Stinger: E-stim Adventures

In a hurry? Here's the gist:

  • I spent 2 weeks testing this toy courtesy of Betty's Toy Box.

  • Estim is a short-hand for electro-stimulation.

  • You should always do research before using erotic e-stim toys and ensure you read the instructions on each toy individually to ensure you're using them in a safe way.

  • What I loved most: the excitement and exhilaration of using the toy.

  • What I didn't like: the inability to know exactly how hard it was going to shock you.

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What is erotic e-stim?

Erotic e-stim play (or electro sex) is the sexual practice (or kink) of using electro stimulation to the nerves of the body. This can be done with various devices such as TENS units or sex toys specifically designed for erotic play (such as the Stinger toy pictured above)

Warning: if you'd like to test out erotic e-stimulation and are new to the kink, please do some research before you start! There are certain areas of the body that should never be in contact with electric toys and certain health conditions that may prevent you from engaging in this kink.

How does it feel?

I've used a few e-stim toys in my lifetime and I can tell you that it feels exactly like one of those electric fly-swatters. Most of the time, it's quite a bit milder than that, as those electric fly-swatters can be quite powerful. Alternatively, a friend of mine who has experimented with e-stim toys has said it feels like static electricity x10. That quick "zap" that leaves you feeling exhilarated and a bit nervous.

First Impressions

My first impression of The Stinger was that it looked INTENSE. This is a very intense looking toy, from the bold red and black colors to the sheer length of the probe. Immediately, even as someone who has dipped a toy in the e-stim waters, I was a bit nervous to test it out.

Another first impression I had was that it was incredibly sleek and felt great in my hands. It made me feel powerful and definitely excited to test it out on myself. I can imagine, if I were the Dominant partner in a relationship where using this toy was consensual, it would be really exciting. It feels like a very Dominant toy based on it's size and sleek feel.

Testing It Out

I tested this toy on 4 separate occasions, all by myself, within the span of 4 weeks. What I loved about this toy is the feeling and the excitement of the incoming zaps. What I didn't like about it was that it was a little hard to handle (to use on myself, since it was so long).

The most important thing to note about this toy is that the longer you hold the button down, the stronger the zap will be. This is a feature that took me a while to figure out, as even when you think you hold it down for the same amount of time as before, even the difference of a few seconds changes the intensity of the zap.

Final Thoughts...

Will I use this toy again? Yes, but likely only with a partner. Due to the size of the toy, I didn't have a ton of fun using it by myself. The idea of having a Dominant partner (or any partner, really) use this toy on me, perhaps while blindfolded and unexpecting, is very exciting. I think a lot of fun can be had with this toy if you're someone who enjoys a bit of pain with your pleasure.

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