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The Build-Up

This was written to appear as an Audiodesires Original episode.

If you'd like to hear the audio version of this steamy story, click here.

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I hate when you’re called in to work on short notice. It always seems to happen on the days I’m craving time alone with you. I had big plans for us for the weekend… coffee and the newspaper in bed…fucking…doing a little gardening…more fucking.

But, of course, the boss texted you last night and asked if you could cover a shift. So, it’s Saturday, and you’re working and I’m home alone. Luckily, I’ve found a way to keep myself occupied while you’re away.

I’ve been texting you naughty little messages all day - revving you up for when you get home in…just a little bit. It’s nearly five, which means you’re probably sitting on the bus right now. If I’ve done my job well, you should be rock hard and aching to get your hands on me.

Think I’ll send you another one real quick, just to make sure you know exactly what I want. I text you:

“I’m naked in our bed. I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait until you come home.”



Oh, you naughty little…I’m on my way home from work, on the bus, trying to conceal my throbbing cock as you text and tease me from our bedroom. You’re such a brat sometimes. You’ve been doing this all day, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so fucking turned on in my entire life.

As soon as I settled at my desk this morning, the flirtatious texts started. First, it was that you had a naughty dream about us and didn’t have a chance to tell me about it this morning before I left. Innocent enough, I thought. But then the more obvious hints started…by lunchtime, you were sexting full paragraphs about the naughty things you wanted me to do with you.

I’ve had a hell of a time trying to hide my arousal all day…and you’re now torturing me on the bus. While a part of me is worried about people noticing, I also don’t really care - I feel so incredible right now. I want to tease you right back. I text you a naughty response...

"Who says you have to wait? You can start without me…you just can’t cum before I get my hands on you…”

You and I have something of a kinky relationship. Lately, we’ve been experimenting a lot with sexting, orgasm control, and some light bondage. It’s been so much fun experimenting with different roles in the bedroom.

I really didn’t expect I’d enjoy submitting to you, but we’ve tried that out more than a few times now. The real magic happens when you’re being a brat, though. There is something so… incredible about putting you in your place. And how much you like it. You’re always able to bring out this kind of “pleasure Dom” side of me. It’s like…I want to dominate you and show you who’s boss, but I also want you to experience the best pleasure possible and just take care of you.

And this teasing…ugh, it’s so much fun when we both draw out the foreplay. I love forbidding you to cum without my permission. Let’s see…how can I take this to the next level for you? I text you again:

"Use that wand I just got you. On the lowest setting. Send a pic.”



Oh, you want me to get started without you, do you?

I manage to find the wand and some lube in our nightstand. I grab a pack of hygiene wipes and give the toy a quick clean before settling back into our bed.

Mmm…even on low, that feels like agony with all the teasing we’ve been doing today. Fuck. I snap a quick photo while the wand vibrates between my legs. I send it to you with no explanation.



No, no, no. Oh, fuck. Is this guy serious? He’s standing so close to me. There’s no way I can open up the photo you just sent without him seeing. Of course, I had to sit next to the door…

I can’t risk opening my phone until he leaves… Not being able to see that photo is driving me insane. I wonder if you’re naked. You better be using the toy like I asked. Maybe you’re being a brat and not showing anything at all.



Mmm, you stopped responding so quickly. It’s rush hour, isn’t it? The bus is probably packed and you can’t look at my pic…how sad for you.

“You can’t look at your phone, can you? Poor pathetic boy. How sad. I guess I’ll just have to have fun without you…”

The vibrator between my legs pulses on my clit. Oh, fuck…this feels so good.

I hold my phone above me and start taking a video. I know you’ll have to listen with the sound off, but I bet just the sight of me will be enough of a tease…I run the wand up and down my body, looking directly into the camera as I slide it between my legs.



Fuck, finally! I thought that guy would never leave! My hands are literally trembling as I open your photo…you look so fucking hot.

Oh, god…there’s a video, too. I look behind me to make sure no one can see my screen and make sure my phone is on silent.

I click play and watch you tease yourself with the wand. Mm, god, the sight of you staring at me while you play with yourself. I know this is totally wrong, but I cannot help myself. I put my hand in my coat pocket and lay it over my aching cock. I try to rub it without being too obvious. It’s throbbing and I can feel a little precum already. Damn, I’m turned on. My heart is pounding.

Fuck, you’re in for it when I get home. I’m going to edge you into a whiny little mess for teasing me like this. I text you again:

“Keep fucking going. I’m almost home. Ten minutes. Send another pic, this time on your hands and knees, from behind.”



Want another photo, do you?

Fuck, I love how much you love this game. I swipe over to my camera, set the timer, and place the phone on the nightstand. I quickly spin around and bend over, giving you a nice clean view of my pussy and asshole…

“Want me? Come get me. Better hurry up, though.”



Now I’m the one waiting at the bus door. C’mon, c’mon, c’mon…finally! It opens and I rush off the bus. Fuck, I have to get to you. I’m walking as fast as I can while reading your message. I click on the blurry photo and it loads quickly. Oh, god. Your ass is so damn sexy. And that pussy…seeing your lips peeking out from between your thighs...

I text you:

“Two minutes away. Keep playing. I better hear you moaning as I come up the driveway…let everyone hear what a dirty fucking girl you are…”



Mmm, I love it when you’re bossy. I switch the wand back on and glide it through my wet lips before settling it on my clit…

Oh, god. My legs are already shaking, I’m so horny. This has been such a long day. I want to cum so badly.

Oh, god, yes…fuck, this feels good.

You wanted me to be loud, so I’m going to have to turn things up a little...

Oh…oh yes. I run the vibrator up and down, pressing hard against my clit. I push my shirt up and pluck at my nipples with my fingers. Mmm, fuck…yes! I want more.

C’mon, baby, hurry up…

Oh, fuck! Fuck, yes! God, that feels so good. Right there...I want to cum! Fuck, I'm...

“What did I say about cumming without me?”

“Baby…it just felt so good, but I didn’t cum! I know the rules.”

You strip off your clothes so fast. Your cock springs out of your jeans and I want it, bad. You climb up onto the bed and straddle me. Your hands pin mine above my head.

“Are you ready to be fucked like a naughty girl? I’m about to explode after that teasing marathon you put me through.”

“Yes, please.”

You pull the wand out of my hands, flip the switch straight to high, and slowly slide it between my legs. You’re kneeling on the bed over me as you trace my thighs with the wand. Your cock looks so fucking good. I reach for it and slide my tongue around the tip.

You settle the toy onto my clit and oh my god, I’m so hungry for your cock. I slide it deep into the back of my mouth. Your eyes squeeze shut.

"Fuck, yes…that feels amazing, baby."

You’re circling the toy over my clit, pressing hard. Suddenly, you flip the vibrator off and slide your cock out of my mouth. Before I can catch my breath, you have me pinned underneath you again. You thrust deep inside me hard and fast.

Oh my god, being filled up by you after all this foreplay - this feels so fucking good.

“Fuck me like that, baby - harder.”

"Yeah? You want it harder?

Your hands bunch in my hair and you tug on it, exposing my neck. You bite down harder than I expected. You bite down onto my neck again, this time in a different spot.

"You’re not going to cum until after I do. Is that understood?"

"Yes…just keep fucking me, don’t stop!"

You fuck me hard and fast, pinning me in place, using me like a toy. I spread my legs as wide open as I can and let you fuck me how you want to. It feels so good to just let go, let you take control.

"Yeah, baby - just like that!"

I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. It feels so good, but I can tell that you’re close...

"I'm going to cum..."

I press my lips into yours and drag my hands along your body as you thrust into me even harder and faster. I feel your cum explode inside me. You look so fucking sexy when you cum. Oh god, I need that. I want to cum so bad.

I feel your cum inside me and your cock is quickly replaced with your fingers as you fuck my throbbing pussy and work my clit with your other hand. Oh my god, I love when you fuck your cum deeper inside me with your fingers…

"You cum for me, and I’m not going to stop until you tell me to, okay?"

"Fuck yes, I'm cumming...!"

Your fingers fuck me without pause and oh god, I’m so sensitive, I want more, I need more.

"Don't stop, keep going!"

My mind is foggy and my legs are shaking, I can barely get out our safeword…


"Good girl. Using the safeword. I’ll stop…just breathe..."

Oh my god. Wow. That felt incredible.

"That was...exactly what we needed."


You settle next to me in bed and pull me in close. I drape my arm over your chest and look up at you as you push the hair out of my eyes.

“Mmm…you’re amazing, you know that?”

“You are too, baby. That buildup was so intense.”

“So…should I tease you at work more often, then?”

“Why don’t you try it again and see what happens?”

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