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Triple Teasing & Lots of Pleasing

In a hurry? Here's the gist:

  • I spent 3 weeks testing this toy courtesy of Betty's Toy Box.

  • This toy is great for external and internal use, it's very flexible and soft.

  • What I loved most: the unique shape of this toy and the flexibility of it.

  • What I didn't like: it's a relatively large toy - if you're using it internally for the first time it can be a bit daunting.

  • Do you want to test this or other toys? Click the button below to get it with a discount!

First Impressions: 7/10

I love the shape of this thing! It's very intriguing and I couldn't wait to test it out. This toy comes with three motors located throughout the curvy shaft. You can choose from 10 unique patterns and power levels through one button that is located in a very user friendly area.

The most impressive thing I noticed about this toy when holding it was how flexible the shaft is, which makes it really easy to use for beginners and experts alike. I gave this toy 7/10 rating because it's a good toy, but it's pretty ordinary as well.

Testing It Out: 7/10

The first time I tried this toy, I used it for external use only - teasing the outer labia, working it up to my clit, just feeling the toy and getting used to the settings. It was a great foreplay session before I used another toy for the main event. It intrigued me enough to give it a test as an internal penetration toy, and that did not disappoint!

The first time I used it as a penetrative toy, I was really glad for the flexibility and softness of it. The insertable portion of this toy is roughly 6-7 inches and the softness/flexibility of it makes it easy for people who aren't used to large toys to adjust to.

After the initial uses, I kept using this toy on and off with other toys and by itself. While it's not an immediate favorite of mine, it's a great toy to add to your collection and you will find uses for it!

Final Thoughts: 7/10

Is this toy worth it? Yes! Is it revolutionary? No. Not all sex toys can be the best ones out there, but they are still great additions to your collection and can be suited for every mood!

Do you want this toy? Get a discount on it or any other toy at Betty's Toy Box! Use promo code JAIMEE at checkout.

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