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To Write "Slut" On Her Ass: Temptasia Butt Plug Review

In a hurry? Here's the gist:

  • I spent 2 weeks testing this toy courtesy of Betty's Toy Box.

  • It was the first time I'd ever used a silicone anal toy!

  • What I loved most: the feel, the fullness, and definitely the word "SLUT" on my ass.

  • What I didn't like: due to the size of the base, it's a bit uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

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First Impressions

What submissive doesn't want their preferred honorific literally written across their ass? The look of this toy instantly appealed to me because of the giant word SLUT written across the base of the toy. It's so "in-your-face" and cute, I love it. The toy itself looked a little wide at first sight, but upon comparing it to my other toys, it's no wider than some of the medium-sized steel plugs I have. The tip of the toy looked soft and easy to insert, and the taper looked comfortable.

The only part of the toy that I was a bit unsure about was the base, which is completely circular and a little larger than most other bases of anal toys that I've seen. With most being either small circles with gems in them or heart-shapes with gems in them, this completely silicone circle base looked...unique. The great part about this base? It can sit totally flat and entirely still while you lube it up!!

The Feel

Since this was my first time testing out a silicone anal toy, I wasn't sure what to expect. Steel plugs definitely go in a little easier than silicone toys, but silicone stays in place really, really well which makes them great for using during playtime. On more than one occasion, I've had a steel plug pop out of place during play, which isn't ideal.

The other thing I noticed about the feel of this plug was that, due to the word being so largely written on the base of the toy (which I love), the base of the toy is quite round and large. Instead of a small gem or heart shape there, it's a perfectly round area. Obviously this isn't quite as natural to our body as a smaller round shape or a heart-shaped base, so it can get a little uncomfortable if you're wearing for a longer period of time (30+ minutes).

Testing It Out

This toy was really fun to test out - I think it was a great foray for me into silicone anal toys (as I later tested the Desire Vibrating Plug, which is also silicone, and it was nice to have this as an introduction).

I used this toy on 5 separate occasions within the span of two weeks and will definitely continue to use it, mostly likely only for playtime, though.

Final Thoughts

The term "SLUT" is something I feel a particularly emotional tie to, mostly because it's a name used in my personal life in an affectionate way - but also because it feels good to reclaim a word that was once meant as derogatory and cruel.

Having been labeled as this word in the past (in a negative way), there was something really empowering about wearing this toy and really owning what this word means to me personally. It's a word that was meant as an insult at one point in my life, and now is consistently used in my D/s dynamic as an affectionate, positive term. So, using this plug within the confines of that relationship felt really great. I loved having this word on one of my toys and, with the word written so largely across the base of the toy, it's definitely a eye-catcher amongst all my other toys.

All in all, I really enjoyed using this toy and will continue to use it during sex and masturbation. I likely won't use it for longer than 20-30 minutes, as it's not comfortable for long-term wear - but hey, that's why a woman needs more toys, right?

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